August 2018  
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The Journey to Life in Christ

Lesson 8

A  Transformational Walk

Biblical Text:  Ephesians 4: 17- 24



The first half of Chapter 4 dealt with the body ministries and spiritual gifts.   We learned that God's grace and gifts are apportioned for the growth of his Kingdom.  In return, we learned that every Christian has the opportunity to help others according to his gifts and talents, skills and abilities made available to him by God.

Now the chapter takes a slight turn and focuses on the fact that our Christian attitudes and actions can only come from the heart where Jesus is Lord.  A Christian is not someone who , by his own heroic action , resembles Christ.  A Christians a changed person, remade in the image of the Lord, and a reflecting His Beauty.

Wiersbe describes the Christian as someone "who does not imitate the life of the unsaved people around him."  In our lesson, Paul compares life without Christ to life with Christ.



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